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Originally Posted by toshirua3846384 View Post
i currently work at mcdonalds....and totally hating it. The "customers" (of all ages) are terriblle, weird, disruptive and just plain stupid. But atleasat i get a 15% discount of food that i'll eventually get tired of
You only get 15%? We got 50% when we didn't work. But yeah. You get sick of the food. I'm at college now and haven't eaten it since I was there last.

Worked there from July 2010 - August 2011. I went back this past December over my winter break. If I can help it, I won't be going back over the summer. UGH! I hate McDonald's customers. They act like I can't understand English and am a complete idiot.

I'm hoping to get a job at the library over the summer. They pay a nice $9.09/hour for shelving books. McDonald's only pays me $8.48 - and that's with last year's raise.
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