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That's exactly how my first (and only) commision went with Cosblade / Michael Young. I was so furious through the whole thing. The guy took ALL of the money up front, no progress photos, no communication. NOTHING. I wrote a review for him in the commissioner review thread, but I had so many negative and ridiculous things to say that I actually went over the character limit. Fury. I actually got the rod and it STILL smelled like paint even though I had commissioned it AND paid for it at the very beginning of November and he had assured me he could have it done, ready and at my front door by January 10th. It was so obvious that he had rushed to get it made RIGHT before he shipped it out. >:C So much pent up anger. /end rant.

Oh, I forgot to mention. He also completely forgot my deadline. I actually emailed him remind him of it. Done.

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