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Name of Commissioner: Arda-Wigs
Website/ gallery:
Item(s) purcahsed:

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I only have photos of three of the wigs, but all were exactly as pictured and colors matched perfectly!

Victoria dusty rose Wig was just taken from plastic bag it came in and given a gentle shake, then put on.

Delilah in black A good bit of the bottom of the hair was cut off (It originally came down to my ankles!)

Jareth Long in light blonde Bangs were cut shorter and sides pulled up for bow.

Jareth Long in light blonde Only bangs were cut.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Each wig took a day (or two) to process and two days shipping.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Pros: Everything! To start with they have super fast shipping and practically right after I ordered it was shipped. I've had bad experiences in the past with ordering wigs for cosplay, most of them were bought off ebay and horrible quality and the color was never right, so I was a bit weary at first purchasing them from. But after looking around and seeing generally positive feedback I decided to give it a try.
The first wig I purchased was the Delilah and I ordered it the 27th of December, it was shipped out the 28th and at my front door on the 31st. It's incredible thick and long, it's also quite soft and doesn't have that crazy shine a lot of other wigs have. I did have issues with the wig tangling a lot, but only because it is so thick. I found that using a wig tooth comb, as recommended, and synthetic wig leave-on conditioner works wonders and it's back to being super smooth and super soft.
The second wig I bought from them was the Jareth Long, I purchased it at Ohayocon because my original wig order had fallen through with a commissioner. Luckily I was able to purchase this wonderful wig from them. It feels a big rough, but I'm assuming that's because of it's style and the coloring. It doesn't tangle near as much as the Delilah does, but that's because it's layered and thinner towards the bottom where a lot of the tangles happen. It's still that same great quality and not overly shiny.
The next wig I ordered was the Victoria, I ordered it after they had just gotten back from a convention and were backed up, not realizing how backed up they were. I wanted it for a specific occasion, unfortunately it didn't come in until the following Friday, but it still only took two days to get to my house once it was shipped. I've worn it to class a few times and had teachers and students ask if it's my real hair. It does tangle a bit, but nothing too major.
Finally, I ordered the last three pieces during a sale they had on March 5th. It was a sale for 15% off your order because they reached 5000 likes on facebook. I ordered my mother the Ferrari and myself the Jareth and the braid headband. I ordered almost exactly at midnight, so my order shipped out the 7th (I know some people who ordered later, because they extended it to be a three day sale instead of a 24 hour as it was originally, haven't received a shipping confirmation on their wig yet) and I received it before my afternoon class on the 9th. I'm very impressed with the quality of these two wigs, too and the braid is a really cute accessory.

Their customer service is remarkable. If you ask a question on their facebook or through e-mail, they normally respond right away. I've already suggested them to other people. But if you're going to order a wig last minute for a convention, I'd be careful. I believe they're almost to the end of shipping out all the wigs from the sale, but because they also go to conventions, there's sometimes a bit of delay on wig shipping.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with their work and the quality of the wigs and customer service.

Final Grade: A+ (I'm not sure if I should have graded the separate transactions separately or if it was the right thing to lump them into one post? Either way, A+ all around!)
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