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Is My Dutch-Tilt Photo a Hit or Miss?

I often see people doing Dutch Tilted compositions in their cosplay photos. I like using them too, and I think it can improve a composition, but sometimes it can make a photo awkward to look at.

This forum is an opportunity to celebrate when a Dutch-Tilt makes a photo look more amazing, or to gain insight in how to avoid bad results.

Please post your Dutch-Tilted photos for critiques. Does it work well, or does it have a bad effect? If it did not work, what, if anything, could have made it work? Also, if you post an image, please explain why you decided to tilt your composition.

Critiques can be about any posted images in this forum, not just the image directly above your post. You can comment on photos without posting an image of your own.

I will start it off with one of my Dutch-Tilted cosplay images: I tilted this image to give the fight and extra challenge of balance. It also made less space near their heads, which tightened the composition. I had more room to place the sword in the corner too.

What do you all think?

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