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Bruce Heinsius
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The first image has nice poses. The lighting is pretty on their faces too. I like the snow effect, although the location does not match it. Maybe you were going for humor though. Then, I like the irony. That hotel location does make it challenging to find less distracting backgrounds, but it can be done with different angles, and lens choices.

Batman's pose is nice overall, but his eyes look toward the ground seems odd. Looking where he is aiming his fighting stance would work well. You framed him a bit frame right, which puts too much room behind him. Leading the action usually makes for a better composition. Having people walk behind him is distracting. The dark shirt and shorts of the guy with the baseball hat blends in with Batmans costume. The red wigged cosplayer's hair makes it seem like Batman is wearing a red rose in his hair. I like the vinette effect around the edges.

I don't understand Speed Racer's pose. I think you were trying to make it seem like he is running, but it seems contrived. The angle of his arm hides his upper arm making it seem like his elbow is connected to his shoulder. The badge is very prominent. It would not be too difficult to photoshop it out. The over-all color balance has a yellowish/orange cast. You did capture the fun he seemed to be having.
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