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Originally Posted by Ashurachan View Post
My point was that with the rather plain looking poses, this shoot looked like product shots of the costumes. All cosplayers want some photos that just show their work, and this seemed the main reason behind these shots. When I shoot a cosplayer in studio there's always at least a few full body shots to show the costume, because it is simply expected.

One thing I forgot to talk about is post-processing, I find it to lack a bit of contrast, especially for the Paine costume - deeper blacks would look nicer.
I agree that the poses could have been more interesting. It depends on what the objective is, and/or how they will be used. For a movie poster shoot, some of those poses could work out fine, especially if it was a lighthearted story-line, like a comedy. He did get the full body shots covered.

The gelled lights hit only a small part of the costume, so the true color is revealed, if that was important.

When I do cosplay-type studio photo shoots, sometimes the seamless background is there merely to aid in easy cut outs in photoshop later. Then I add the cosplayer into a composite photo with a photo-plate background. Gelled lights can enhance the editing process to make the lighting better match the scenery the cosplayer will be edited into.

I know, we are judging them as finished products, which is, of course valid. Knowing the intent of the photos would be helpful to make more useful, critiques and recommendations.

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