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such thing as a good cosplay lolita?

since i've been a lolita, i havent really cosplayed and have gone to conventions.

looking through deviant art (it happens once in a while now that i'm older) the artwork seen on with the tag "lolita" is really fun and anime like. and refering it as a lolita-costume/cosplay is saying it is a costume.

is it a contradiction though? since the catagory "cosplay lolita" i feel is there to show cosplay lolitas that they are other sub-fashions, and its not a cosplay.

but i kinda like the idea of cosplay lolita in a sense of anime. its kind of mystical and fun worn with another character or making your own character who is a cosplay lolita.

what got me thinking about starting to make cosplay lolita for cons is this book:
i really like the dresses shown, they seem really fun! but i wouldn't wear this every day, its a costume ^^; to show my inner anime nerd i guess.

does anyone else do this? what do you think of the term "cosplay lolita". does it mean calling someone an ita? what do you think of lolitas who do wear brand and call it costume? or only wearing it to a convention. does that qualify as an ita? or is it the way of being styled.

i'm really curious about this. ^^; from other lolitas who cosplay's point of view.

overall can you be a cosplay lolita and a regular lolita without combining the two?
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