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Minute Details?

So I have officially started looking for items for a Jack Sparrow cosplay (already bought the shirt, and seeking places to get pants and vest). And I am also looking on eBay for Jack Sparrow's beads that he has in his wig. I have taken a look at the costuming wiki and at all the references. And I am currently on a bit of a budget, so I found some things for his wig that are pretty accurate, but not exact. I was wondering, how many people are going to notice the inaccuracies? I found a great deal on eBay, someone is selling a whole bunch of kuchi dangles, for $30, and usually the exact replica ones are $30 for one. So I was thinking of buying these, so that I have 4 extra, in case something happens to one of them. But I was also noticing that there are a lot of differences between these and the screen used one. So will anyone notice this? Or have I gotten way too picky?

I think as I gather my items for this cosplay, I will have to cut a few corners with respect to accuracy due to my lack of money right now But I guess in general, I would like to know, how many people will notice my inaccuracies...
I am going to be inaccurate as it is, with my extreme non-Deppness, so I think that any other mild inaccuracies will be very obvious because of this. Am I right to assume this?

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