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Originally Posted by Ends Beginning View Post
I'm so sad. None of my friends have heard of Brave 10.
Looks like unless they get into it I will be flying solo as Sasuke.
Aww that's too bad, I hope you find someone to cosplay with so you won't have to be solo! D:

Hopefully one of my friends will be Isanami with me when I cosplay Date. Oh, and speaking of Date... some few days ago I took some WIP photos. I still have a lot to do (eyepatch, belts, cape/coat thing etc) but I'm so excited already! Photos can be found in my gallery if interested. I'm not sure though if the anime and manga version are different because I have not yet had any time to watch and compare myself.. they seem to differ a bit, at least according to the screenshots I've stumbled over. I'm basing my Date on the manga.

Btw, is it just me or is Brave 10 kinda... not-so-known?
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