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Originally Posted by ioniafreak View Post
i am following Reapersun, HOW did i miss that picture? o.o

Anyway, you should try asking around in the wigs and hair thread, that may be a great start. i have been at a loss for trying to find a sherlock wig with the right style (my friend was looking for one) But Watson you can always get a little longer then what his hair actually is because its a little tricky to wear short short wigs. but i will be sure to look around~
My friend is letting me borrow one of her wigs temporarily for if I couldn't find one of my own but I was hoping I would find one before the convention. I'll ask around but so far my problem seems to be I find wigs with the perfect style but they either make the color too pale or too dark. Good luck with a Sherlock wig, they seem to be just as tricky.
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