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Well seeing these reviews is sure helping me feel better, although I will be terrified regardless until it gets here!

I just ordered this from them today:

I really hope it looks just like that and fits me just right! I went with one of their standard sizes (Female medium) just because I heard a lot of mishaps with people putting custom sizes down. The measurements seem pretty close, I'm a tiny bit shorter than the height listed (165", I'm 163) and I may need some light hemming but for the most part it seems pretty close. Like the chest is a 36" and I am in between a 34-36, I'd say more of a 35" The waist is a 28 and that's just about what I am, although I haven't checked since I've lost 11 lbs, I'm prob more of a 27 now. The hips are a 38" and I'm a 36. But all and all, IF those measurements are correct it wouldn't need more than a few light hemming which I can get done for free.

I sure hope it turns out!! I've spent $95 in shipping 2 costumes that didn't work out due to color issues/size from Cosplay Magic out of pocket and then although I got a partial refund, I was still out $44. So essentially, between the money I didn't get refunded and the shipping costs I wasted $140 of my hard earned, not abundant source of money=/

So I NEED this to work out...I'm totally done, I'm not ordering any others except for the wig and contacts I need for this outfit. Especially since there are no refunds here, it needs to work out otherwise I am NOT going to go to A-kon and buy anything else.
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