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Originally Posted by Sorasflame View Post
I always practise my poses 2 weeks before the convention and they look great in front of the mirror, but as soon as I'm at the con and people ask for my picture, I:
- forget all the poses and just stand there boringly
- get very nervous and yes, it does show in the pictures
What can I do about this nervousness, I know it's not a big deal and I try to tell myself that, but at the con itself I get so so nervous during picture takings, I just forget it all
Think of the funniest thing you can remember.
Think of a cat with human feet. Imagine what that would look like.
Think of what would happen if elephants could fly and were carnivores.
Funny things help us to relax. Even dance around a bit. That helps to shake out the nerves.
Practice helps too.

And an experienced photographer will help you with your poses.
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