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I've re-enacted, done SCA, been a living historian, now I larp. I'm convinced there is crossover between the hobbies but I often meet resistance when I suggest it.

What is larp? Live action role playing.

Now when I say that I do not mean....

But rather more like this...

That's Dumnonni Chronicles, my favorite larp in the UK.

Perhaps thats not fantastic enough for you? Then maybe this would be of more interest to you....

The ConQuest of Mythodea. The largest larp in the world, held in Germany.

or perhaps you prefer Drachenfest?

I'm the organizer of the Grand Expedition, an international group of English speaking live action role players dedicated to helping people attend the best larp events in the world.

We have a facebook presence

as well as our website

Still don't understand larp?

So what do you think? Are there any cosplayers out there that think, "yeah I'd like to give that a shot some day." I've already begun approaching historical re-enactors, who like the living history aspect but are put off by their mental images of Role Models. I mention Game of Thrones and show them the videos above and suddenly they begin to change their minds.

What about you?
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