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Originally Posted by vietgirl018 View Post
So my mami cosplay is now at 80% done. all I need to do is make the corset, hat, and finish up the gun.

What kind of hat do u think mami is wearing? I'm trying to figure out how i should go about making it.

im pushing the corset/waist area as the last thing i sew. >_< it takes too long for me to try and figure out how I want to do it.
The corset was the longest time to make for me do, so I counted it as 30% of the work as it take time to make something form fitting. lol

The hat I made the shape of it out of plastic canvas with a beveled side which was more trial and error. After it was done I cover it in fabric sewn to shape of it by tracing the top and rolling the side and a traced. on i sewed the top and side together I popped that hat frame made out of plastic canvas in side the fabric shell and hot glue down the bottom fabric inside as a few point. because I will always wear a wig with it. I glue fabric loops into with safety pin on the back side secured in the loop at the front and two sides (not the back) and the pined the wig on.

It was so fun to make a pill box hat. The feathers I got off Etsy to match more closely to how the ones were illustrated.

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