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Originally Posted by Ayame_Higono View Post
Is it okay to ask to be an understudy in case a pawn doesn't show up?
I'm assuming you're asking to be a spare? I would suggest that the best thing to do is show up during the actual signing in once it's posted and then line up because if we do like a spare list from a reserve list, then it wouldn't be fair to the other people that would want to be a spare. During the checkin, just line up and if someone doesn't show up, then we start calling out spares at that time. Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by Neko Cat View Post
I updated my theme song in my post on page 1. I might change what part of the song to play but at least I have the song selected.
Cool man, thanks. Just let me know beforehand, preferably in like a few weeks time of like which part of the song you wanted changed or something.
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