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I ordered the 28 inch wavy wig because I wanted the chestnut brown color~ <3 I was considering the 32 inch curly wig, but I wanted a darker brown than what they had available.
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I ordered on Tuesday, it was processed that day and shipped the next day. The seller had AMAZING communication, and let me know every step of the way. I paid for expedited shipping to make POSITIVE it would be here in time, so it was $10 for EMS. Honestly, the wig was such an incredible price, that still brought me under budget and under the amount I would have spent at nearly every other wig shop I could think of.

ANYWAY. It went out for delivery on Monday, but no one was here. I picked it up from the post office today. So, pretty much a week. o.o;; Incredible <3

The wig is very soft, and it's a fantastic blended color. It has a circular skin top. I have a 21 inch head, so I actually have a problem with wigs being TOO big all the time, but this is a great fit. There is plenty of room to stretch in the back still, too! The front hairline is actually a knit fabric with the wefts on that, and I haven't seen that before. Very interesting. It is also SUPER secure, and I like that! Love having long wigs secured to mah head xD

The wig is pretty decently thick, but I would definitely order some of their additional wefts if you plan to do much styling/updo with the wig. It does seem a tid bit thin in the back. They sell matching weft sets that can be used either to bulk up the wig or frankensteined to use the wefts in other places. (Plus, the wefts come with toupee clips...can always use those!)

One odd thing is that a random red thread got sewn into the wig. It's not attached to anything and pulled right out with some tweezers and about three minutes.
Final Grade: A+. Order from these guys!
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