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Hello I'm Dr Cheeks
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I'm a pretty fashionable guy I just wear whatever I want. Slim jeans, converse shoes, army boots, obscure band shirts or print tees from Camden Market London.

I've a pretty modern sense of style but I'm more than happy to wear retro and vintage clothes as well, I got an amazing sheepskin winter jacket for only 10 once! I get quite a lot of my clothes from army surplus stores too, jackets, boots, hats and the like.

I also love wearing suits, I've got about 3-4 suits from H&M and vintage stores, it's nice to look nice.

What I wear each day really depends on how I feel. Sometime I'll be boring and it'll just be jeans and t-shirt and then a leather or plaid jacket. Sometimes I feel like dressing like John Lenon in the 50s and I'll stick on a harrington jacket and some brouges. Another day I want to be really millitary/grungy. Or I'll stick on a suit and straw hat and stand around in the sunshine smoking pretending I'm in Milan.

I guess I'm pretty vain for a guy, like I don't really know anyone who puts as much effort into their looks as me. Well... any men at least.

You could say I'm a hipster and I wouldn't disagree. But I don't dress to impress others, I don't wear things to be ironic, I'm not pre occupied with what people think of me. I wear what I think looks cool to me, I have a beard, thick glasses, shaved mohawk, feathers in my ears and a v neck transformers tshirt. Problem?
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I would have used my awesome space-time warping powers to reach through the internet and throttle your scrawny pole-dancing film-making neck.
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Someone supply with a new descriptive label for Fullbleed. Hipster doesn't even cut it any more.

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