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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
You guys all seem to have very interesting fashions you like to wear in normal life. lol I think I am probably the least interesting person on here. My style doesn't really fit into a category. Like many people, the way I dress changes depending on how lazy I feel. Usually in the morning, all I can be bothered with is some simple pants and a t-shirt of some sort (my shirts usually have blood, are related to Sweeney, Depp, or anime, and some are just kinda stylized). I wear a lot of black.. most of my wardrobe is black, and I also sometimes enjoy dressing kinda like Mrs. Lovett and I use parts of my ST cosplay in daily life. But yea, it really varies I guess. I don't have a set style of dressing. I'm kinda all over the place

If someone searched through my closet they would probably find a lot of items that could be used for various costumes. My clothing ranges from goth-ish to very normal clothing, I also have some suits (that I use for when I go to dog shows). It's all very random

One thing that I can never bring myself to do though is to wear leggings as pants (as in a t-shirt and just leggings. That just seems so odd to me, so I don't think I would ever be able to do that. lol
Well your pretty much like me then, I got alot 'a black clothing particularly and some anime tshirts or video game t shirts. I also wear my cyber locks from time to time wit my hair either curly or straight(can't really do that wit braids though).

I also use some 'a my cosplay stuff in wit my regular clothing from time to time as well, like wearing one 'a my duel academy jackets or my jounouchi t shirt is technically a normal shirt as well.

I guess this is pretty much an example of how I dress

old picture is old though -.- I need to take more recent pics

here's an example of me wearing my osiris red jacket along wit my regular clothes and cyber locks.

Thats just a portrait of sorts though -.-

I like to wear flu masks and chains too, like in this picture.

Despite throwing some cosplay stuff into what I wear I haven't brought myself to actually wear a dress or skirt out. I don't even own a skirt or dress outside of cosplay, but since they're all clothes to me I probably should wear them some time xD

then there's other times when my style can be more plain then others.

I just don't put forth the effort of putting on make up everyday /heh
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