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@humanoidrkangel: Oh PFFFT! You didn't look derpy at all! You looked good! Me on the other hand.. I can sometimes make worse than derpy faces at con excitement trust me, so don't you worry about it! XD
And EEE!~ I'm totally thrilled to hear you'll be doing a Serah FF XIII-2 cosplay! that'd be so cool if we were to cosplay together one day, haha!

@Seifer-sama: Oh wow! good luck with that all! I hope you'll get that all done in time... I'm glad that you guys will be doing FF VI again. I loved your cosplays so much that last year you did them, and your skit on youtube! hehe!

@El3KtRa: YAY!! Progress has started! You can do it! and if the helmet ends up being too big, you can just shove foil paper in it, to keep it from sliding around on your head.
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