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Hi! My friends and I are doing a Madoka group for Otakon this summer! I'm going to be Sayaka, and I was wondering if maybe I could get some advise? I have two main concerns:

1. Her leg and arm warmer-gloves-legging things. I'm not really sure what fabric I want to use. I'll need something with at least some stretch, but i don't want it shiny like how some spandex ends up looking. I'm also not really sure how to make them flare at the top. I saw mentions of interfacing or something earlier?

2. Her boots. I was going to go from a base high heel and just make boot covers, but the cuffs have me concerned. I don't want them to be floppy, but I also don't want them to look heavy. I have wonderflex, craft foam, and really thick interfacing available. If anyone needs it, i can post the tutorial I'll be using for the boots if that'll better illustrate what exactly I'll be doing.

And one minor concern: the hem for the cape? I was thinking like a French or a rolled one. Do you think that'll make it too heavy looking?

Thank you for any help!
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