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Originally Posted by ayaasan View Post
MysticRouge: That pattern rocks, I've totally used it before

As for the zig zag pattern, I'd personally get some muslin or other cheap fabric and experiment first. (I'm a 3-d thinker, so this helps me massively.) I'd cut it literally into the zig-zag pattern with the green as the over and aqua-blue under. Then sew on the lining--it'll still have the rough/selvedge edges showing, and cover it by hand-sewing on some black bias tape. Kinda like adding trim to a corset!

As for the gold pieces, I'd totally use craft foam and use the craft foam armor tutorial. ( It's a relatively inexpensive medium to work with so it's not OMG! if you mess up and need to start again at around 89 cents a sheet and the end result is AMAZING It looks like the pieces are layered, so I'd hand-tack them onto the jacket with some upholstery thread and then cover the sewn tacks with the glued on top layers!~
Thank you so much. I got some old fabric lying around now. I'll try cutting that design right now.
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