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Originally Posted by sharkninja666 View Post
Definatly gonna have my Jedi outfit done for otakon so I will be atteding.
Awesome! Can't wait to see your Jedi.

Originally Posted by godmi View Post
My boyfriend and I are going to try really, really hard to make it to Otakon again in 2012. We loved going last year and we're both playing SW:ToR, so it only makes sense to costume from it. Are those kind of costumes welcome at this shoot?
I seriously hope you guys can make it!

I'll be going as a SWTOR smuggler again this year, and we're hoping to enhance OathOfChaos' Jedi cosplay with some Miraluka Shadow goodness. (My storage locker in the game is full of outfits I want to cosplay...) XD

Originally Posted by wickedknightx View Post
my friend and i will be obi wan and qui gwon gin on friday for otakon
...I can not be held responsible for the amount of hugs I may give you both.

Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
Here you go,

Also since we plan on making it tad later then last year I'm hoping we can move to the middle of the Fountain because of the back ground Water Falls also at the end please don't all run off I would like to get a the few shoots against the cascade water. (Blitzfox will you be filming please say yes)
Absolutely! I actually just purchased a new video camera because my old one had had enough. XD

Originally Posted by LoveofCountry View Post
We still need to buy more paint but my girl would love to come as Aayla Secura.

She'll be stoked to see this many star wars cosplayers since she only ran into 1 at Katsucon.
All kinds of awesome, can't wait to see her!

Originally Posted by KamiKazeKage View Post
Starkiller should be there!
You'd better be!

I have plans to steal you and a certain blond Imperial pilot at some point. ^_^

Does anyone know if the 501st is going to attend this year? Because that would be pure win.

Hopefully some Mandalorians too...
"It's a small Galaxy."

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