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Ahh ahh shameless bumping, maybe you got too excited about NYCC and started this thread too early. It's still half a year away and I know I'm not doing anything for it yet until after Otakon. On that note though I did get an idea that if I decide not to use my hair I might do that variation of Kimimaro. His new design I envisioned is pretty epic but still recognizable. Course that's gonna be in the air for a while. I really liked him in the show and I think it would be cooler than my other Naruto costume alternatives for later in the year.
I kinda started this thread back in 2010 >_>; Ah shameless me. I know no bounds. Haha. Besides, it gives me something to do when I bump the thread. Keeping it on the front page makes it known and less threads are created with the same (how should I say this...) ads for gathering cosplayers with the same interests.

Im doing the same costumes for Otakon and NYAF so I kinda have to get on the move if I expect to be rested before leaving for Otakon. Sucks to be me.

As for the Kimimaro idea go for it (after Otakon. Haha).
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I want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You want to what, fellow cosplayer?
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