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Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
I sort can answer your question about the 501st in the past I have ask if they will be at Otakon and basically I have been told no they don't associated with Otakon my understanding is a few years ago there was some issue between them and Otakon Staff. Now I do know that some of the 501 do come on their own but not as a group which is to bad.
Ah, thanks for finding out. I'm surprised and sorry to hear that there was some kind of issue in the past, but glad that some of them still attend on their own. I really hope those intrepid individuals with join us for our shoot!

Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
I have taken over the shoot the time will remain the same hey Rach what is the chance of you get Darth to come that night and can you maybe ask some of the 501 folks to come to the shoot at least.
Thanks so much again, we'll be sure to head over there a bit early (I'm still amazed at just how long it can take to walk to one area, because Otakon is so large.) ^_^

Originally Posted by sazumebachi View Post
I got some people from rebel legion coming but they mainly here for otakon though ^^ but they will be atten the shoot i'll still show up if i can get ewok leia in time as long as noone changes the time! on friday!
Fantastic! So glad they're going to attend the photoshoot, and definitely hope that you're going to come as well. You looked awesome last year!
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