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Where do you suggest I buy this wig then? This same wig is on multiple different sites, I want to know where the correct place to buy it is! And these weren't even all of the sites using them...But I don't want to pay more than the most expensive one listed here, some were selling for over $70.

This one is by far the cheapest: (I Heard this site was kind of like Ebay except the feedback is at 74% out of 73 sales. I sent them an email a week ago and haven't heard anything back yet)

This is there feedback, what do you think, is it decent?

Looks kind of sketchy to me... (this is the most I'm willing to spend on this wig, like I said I have seen it other places for more. I have heard nothing about this site)

I've also seen it on Milanoo of course and Miccostumes.

These sites have it as well, but they are more than I am willing to spend:

They have it on Ebay, but I emailed the person and asked if they could get the price down. I'm not paying more than $60 total and that is with shipping included.

Does anyone know anything about this Ebay store, "Cosmi USA?"

Never heard of this place either? Not bad price:

Or this place...

Which is the safest bet?
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