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I did not realize that...haha wow you must have been waaay TOO excited. What ever happened to 2011 NYCC then? and I wonder if those people who posted at the beginning still remember.
Well I wasn't allowed to go to NYCC 2011, for my parents wanted me to focus more on studying for my MCATs that I'm taking this summer on July 14, 2012. They are starting to realize that they should have let me go in 2011 and restrict me from going to Otakon 2012. =__='

As for being excited, back then (again when I made this thread back in 2010), I just was into the 'con fever' so it was pretty bad and yeah. It was horrible since I had an amazing time and realized that I had to stop cosplaying soon. I guess you could say I was afraid that people wouldn't want to join my plans in a few years so, I made this thread hoping that people would be interested. Totally forgot about the thread til 2011.

People on the first page are probably not going to come/forgot that they showed interest. I recently sent out emails like in the middle of January to see if they were still up for it. Nearly none of them responded.

So I decided the earlier I bumped this, the more people see this, the more people are interested and then the more people would join and fill up spots. And if there are duplicates, and one drops out, we still have the other character.
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