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Originally Posted by patriciarakel View Post
I cosplay Katniss in her Opening Ceremonies outfit (based on the book, not the movie). I actually debuted it in December of 2010, so I think I was a little ahead of the curve on cosplays. I'm currently revamping it to add more of a flame effect (my little sister complained that it wasn't right, so it's more to get her to shit up than anything else). I might try to do an Arena version of her, or a hunting version, since I already have the wig, and there's no point in letting it go to waste. I must say, the best thing about them casting a considerably paler person for the roll means that I don't have to worry about not being tan.
I hope you do more Katniss! Since we are both in the Texas area I'd love to meet up and get photos with you while I'm in Peeta cosplays.
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