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Miccostumes is part of Milanoo. eCrater is legit, but they are pretty slow on shipping. What is your skill with working on wigs? If it's easy for you to get into Dallas, you can get 2 black clip-in buns and glue/caulk in wefts/extensions in and clip them in to a short wig.. or get a pigtail wig + the large black buns (which can generally be found at any independently-run beauty supply stores) and fit those over the tops.

I have personally bought from oldKing, Doctored Locks, and Cosplay Wig Glamour.. they are amazing with customer service, very quick with their shipping, and rather fair in their prices.

And meh, I'm just going to paste my full rant from another site here about miccostumes/Milanoo:
They make forum posts like this, then apologize with this...and continue to belittle larger cosplayers (while not even labelling their characters right.) I've recently seen them offer to send a prominent cosplayer one of their costumes to review, just to get that glowing gold sticker. Shady as all get-out.)

Found some screenshots I took last year and now another lovely gem found just this morning.. (This was March 9, 2012)

So here's part of the video that I found. After posting my comment there, I open my youtube inbox to find this. I don't see how me having to chew your a** off twice in under a month is a green light for friending... For the record, this photo is not searchable through coscom nor any other cosplay profile. After chewing them out in their original thread, they went to my coscom (which isn't even on my profile there and is the only place that photo is..) and rifled through for photos, taking that one without asking. I don't know if they thought their "apology" was enough, but really? Really?? Am I angered? Yeah, a bit. I know people take photos all the time without permission, but to use it for your own profitable gain? No. You do not do that. You did not spend the time or money to make the costume, it is not your's in any way, shape or form.. (they didn't even get the character right! Ryu is not Yuri.) and if you can't even get your own marketing research done right and continue to belittle and demean a good portion of your customer base... I have strong, strong words about what they can do with a pole and a certain bodily region for it.
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