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Help If You've Not Recieved Your Commission :)

I’m writing this because... well it works and HELPS! So you've paid 50% or for all of your commission and youve not heard back in months? I have just the solution

First of all be 100% sure your commissioner has been online and you have messaged them multiple times WITH big spaces so you're not just annoying them and spamming their inbox. Give them a few weeks to reply and what not.

This is for all you people who have paid your money to a trustworthy commissioner and had it thrown back in your face by them not replying, disappearing, its past the date you wanted it, its been months etc etc

I found by contacting my bank there is a such thing as chargeback! You have to contact your card issuer if that makes sense in my case it is Visa Debit. I’m not 100% sure if this is how all issuers approach it but visa is quite common and legally most suppliers SHOULD be able to do this! I got some forms to fill out a few days later in the post. I attached the paypal transaction and many emails as proof that I had sent (to which I got 0 replies) and ones I had received promising It would be done by X date. Posted them back the same day. PHOTOCOPY what you’ve sent them just to be safe. As you may need the reference numbers in case you need to contact them back and in case they "lose" it and need another copy

I think it took a few weeks I ended up calling them back 2weeks later to ask what was going on. They attempt to contact whoever you’ve paid to ask them whether they've actually sent the goods/commission. If they cannot provide tracking or proof of delivery you get your money back into your account in the next few days

This HAS worked for me. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me. As I know how bad it is when this happens :/ It’s put me off commissioning people outside the UK.

Hope this helps other people who have had to go through what I have

****This is not at all a dig at those people who have taken my commissions and not finished it. It is to help those in the same situation as me!****

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