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This gives me hope for my costume! The ones I ordered from Cosplay Magic, while they arrived super quick (week tops and for the 2nd one, came over night) and the communication was good, the quality was nice, the colors were OFFF. I'm not talking a small shade here, I'm talking way off where it didn't even look like the outfit and to dye it etc it would of been more money than it was worth and I would have had to totally remake it (And I can't even sew a button)

I ordered Vampire Princess Miyu and it was pretty good, but what was supposed to be white came BABY BLUE and the obi was too small even though I put my size in right.

I upped the size and changed my outfit to meilin from cardcaptors for the next. It fit, slightly big but nothing a little tailoring wouldn't fix. However, what was supposed to be red (I wouldn't even mind if it was any shade of red really!) but this was PINK, PALE PINK. It didn't even look like it.

so I paid $95 in shipping to send those back and got $77 back from the original $117 I paid for the costume, the package got lost in the mail for the 2nd one they said but I still got the $77 that was agreed upon.

I REALLY hope that this meilin outfit I ordered from Cosplay House which cost me $123 will look good, if it doesn't then I won't be able to go to A-kon because I will be too broke and out of time for another outfit, and also the $74 I just spent on the wig would be a waste. It NEEDS to turn out!!
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