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This was obviously a well thought out composition. My only critique is that the sword on the ground is just barely cropped, which is distracting.

In future, I would either try to crop more of the sword, to make it look intentional, or give it a bit more breathing room. Same applies to the hand closest to the left edge of the shot (though it's not actually cropped).

Personally, I'm not really a fan of Dutch-tilt, as you call it (didn't even know there was a name for it). Most of the time when I see it, though not necessarily in this case, it feels like an afterthought to make the photo "edgy" rather than a deliberate composition choice. However, in some cases (like this, I'd argue) it is well thought out and executed and actually adds to the photo. I'm a big fan of cinematic photography, and in cinema, the camera is rarely off axis. But again, that's just personal preference.

Great job!
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