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for me, im glad i chose SC for my first con. i had LOADS of fun..
parts i loved, would totally be the 3 panels i attended: love line with zapp and friends, the crazy anime dating game (18+ version), and the KH 411. they were all awesome so congrate to all that took part, you all did amazingly!!

the 3 photoshoots i attended were also awesome!!
the day0 photoshoot was a little less fun, but thats cuz i didnt know what i was doing, but talking to the kool luxard and the totally freakin awesome blindfolded riku that day made me start to come outta my shell, so thatnk you both for that. your the first ones that made me have a good time.

the final fantasy shoot was a little MORE fun, but i dont talk to people very easily without them talking first, so i didnt get too many pics there,but there was a good enough portion and people DID complement my costume so that made me feel good about it.

then...o boy..then there was the kingdom hearts favorite by far..i had a freakin blast!! i was so happy when i walked through the door and someone screamed OMG MARLUXIA YOU HAVE TO GET IN THE PICTURE!! that was RIGHT when i got outside....loved it lol then the talking to others and taking picstures was super fun. def coming back in more kingdom hearts next year. hope you all are back!!!!

all in all it was a great time, though i was SUPER hot in my orgxiii coat and it sucked..but it was too fun to care

o and for those that like hotdogs and the like, GO TO CYBER DOGS!! when you walk outside the front doors, go right, and walk up the street, you will pass the convenient store and the stais then get to a streetlight, and its accross the street on the corner. they have the best hotdogs ive ever had!!
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