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This was my first time at Anime Matsuri and overall I liked it!

Pros: Friendly hotel staff, well directed elevators, and it was in a GREAT area right next to the mall and lots of food shops! Lots of great spaces for photo shoots, too. The hotel itself had a lot of open, natural light which was really nice. Although I didn't partake, I liked the gaming area and how open it was.

Cons: While I loved the hotel, the long, narrow layout of it didn't do well with traffic :/ It was a tight squeeze to get around places and when you've got booths and Rock Band and all sorts of things taking up even more of that valuable walking space. The panel rooms could have been a little bit more clearly labeled, too. Also, the huuuuuuge check-in fiasco was a bummer on Friday afternoon, too. The dealer's room was also a lot smaller than I was expecting and had a lot of the same things in different booths.

All in all, I'd definitely go back next year.

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