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Colon Cleansing / Fat burning

Colon cleansing is a good idea that only targets your stomach. Colon cleansing is flushing out the gunk and fecal matter in your large intestine, and chances are if your stomach is sticking out, you got some flushing to do.

Sorry if this sounds a little graphic, but it helps. If you go to your vitamin store you can pick up psyllium seed/husk and slippery elm bark. They come in pills so just take as directed and it should help. I take the psyllium husks in a powder and mix it with a drink o.O i just feel like I'm getting more out of it that way, you can find it at the vitamin store too, I break open the capsules of slippery elm and mix it in.

Your local health store should also have colon cleansing pills as well so you could always just buy those.

Now this is just a method that targets your belly area. If you have fat overall then you should seek other methods of getting rid of it. Colon cleansing also makes you poop a lot, this is because you are getting rid of what's in your colon, but don't fret, it comes out fast, so don't be embarrassed to go to the restroom. Again sorry if this is slightly graphic.

If you're looking to burn fat, of course you should take up some sort of exercise regimen. (Try the anime workouts, they're limited but you could totally make up your own and it would be fun, the other forums do a great job of suggesting tips to exercising)

But in addition to exercise, you can go to your local health store and purchase some l-carnitine pills (it also comes in a liquid form) You can of course ask whoever is working there which ones would be good for you. This is suppose to metabolize your fat and convert it into energy (something along the lines of that, ask the health store and they'll tell you) This works best in combination with working out, even if tit's 30 minutes of walking.

A footnote: Whenever you get pills understand that the printed mg count is not actually how many milligrams of whatever it's for, it's misleading and actually contains less than what is stated. I forget how much less but did a lab in chemistry for this. Another tip that is off topic is that if you take multi-vitaman pills, it doesn't matter how much of it you're taking, your body will only intake how much it needs and discard the rest, that is to say, if you think your body will take so much of a vitamin and use it once you take it, you are wrong.
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