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Wow...I missed you guys? How sound great. Any hoot...I was there with family so if you got any of us.

Me: Mr Incredible (Friday & Sunday) & Bane (tank top old school version) on Saturday
Youngest: Leena Lee (Friday), Raven (Saturday) & Maka (Sunday)
Oldest: Holo, Spice And Wolf (Saturday) is a link to pics I took (not too many sorry) from FaceBook: It is set to Public...tag away if you know anyone.
Dragon*Con 2012

Thursday: Jayne Cobb (Serenity/Firefly)
Friday: Bane
Saturday: For the Parade: Mr Incredible
Sunday: Bane (as in who broke the Bat)
Monday: Open as of now...if anything, Monday is slow.

Other Cons: Anime Boston & Boston ComicCon so far.
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