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I'm a huge formal social dances at anime cons that I do my best to help people with dancing and enjoy having a great dance with new partners. I had a lots of fun at the Masquerade Ball but there's couple thing I wish they can improve. I wish they have a system when they have projector screen to show which music to let people know what kind of dance fits in with the music being played. The room they used was too small to have people who wanted to show up at the ball. AND I wish the ball was longer instead of being 2 hours.

Pro: Great location. Arcades are free! Ran into many nice staff. Great size vendors hall and artist alley. Cosplay contest divided up in different time slot for skits and walk ins.

What a way to start my first Sakura Con! And it's one of my favorite that I cried little that I won't see the people I got to know until next year....unless some can actually make it at either Fanime or Anime Expo.
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