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Howdy, all!
So, I'm looking for any and all pictures of the following:

Friday: Twilight Sparkle with Spike (I had glasses and a book, Spike had a mustache some of the time). We also occasionally had an Applejack with us (buttondown orange shirt with a bolo tie, and jeans tucked into her boots. Later that night, I was Akane/June from 999 with a Junpei.

Saturday: Mei-Rin and Finny from Black Butler with fogged up glasses and a pair of rifles, and the Finny had a lot of manga details like the flower patch on the hat. Then Walker and Erika from Durarara!! lugging around a cardboard cutout Holo, and lastly Jacuzzi and Nice from Baccano! with bombs and a tommy gun (we were in the late night chess game if anyone wold recognize that).

Sunday: Casual Mikado and Kida from Durarara!! We had the bags and the phones and the whole shebang. Also if you took a picture, it might have been of Kida giving me a noogie.
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