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So my feedback will be from a Back of House and Masquerade staff , and cosplayers point of view.

So, I was there pretty much all day Thursday setting up the main stage for the concerts, not too exciting, but nothing to report really, other than seeing Moi Dix Mois without their normal hair, makeup or clothes on, they looked totally normal, which was odd lol.

Friday I cosplayed most the morning, and then went to the learn to dance panel. I was a host and got there a tiny late, but proceeded to join in with teaching the waltz and swing, which was cool. Then came the actual masquerade:
Yes, the room was probably too small, no there really wasn't anywhere better to have it. It has been talked about it being moved to somewhere bigger next year.
I did love how almost everyone was up to dancing, I pulled probably 5-6 people out of their chairs to dance and had a few people ask me to dance also. (remember I was a host, so I was dancing a lot). I even had someone offer to teach me to blues dance.
The whole mask thing kinda bugged me. There were people who actually refused to wear a mask even when one was offered to them >.> Don't know what the heck that was about.

Saturday: I cosplayed for a little then went to help with the sound check for Kanon and Moi Dix Mois. Nothing too exciting there really. Then Kanon did her concert, and we moved all the stuff to get Moi Dix Mois going. There is seriously nothing better than being backstage for that! Also since my bf was doing security (looking for people taking photos), he caught a lot of the pics Mana was throwing out (I guess they weren't flying very far). He kept one for me and one of my co-workers, then tossed the rest into the crowd. After we started tearing down for the Dj's to get ready, and my bf ended up helping MDM pack their stuff and got a pat on the butt from Seth XD and I tried to help Seth find something but he didn't understand what I was trying to ask >.> Oh, and I heard Mana talk :P
That night I went to the Swimsuit contest, which sucked because I couldn't see ANYTHING and I am 5'8". They really need to have that on stage or something. I also walked around the con with my light up hoop, but did not go to the EDM dance because the music sounded weird and you weren't allowed to take hoops in. I also stopped by the manga library (was great, I also loved how thoroughly they checked badges after curfew) and the AMV's that were after 1 am.

Sunday: I slept in a little this day, and went to the dealers hall for a while. Ended up buying a 95$ H.Naoto frill cutsew I fell in love with. I ended up waiting in line for MDM signatures, which only took about an hour, and got my tag from my shirt signed by the designer while I was there. Then went home

Back of House staff is very stressful, but worth it for sure
If you're afraid of not getting into the masquerade, be a host. We get in an hour early.
Staff preservation may have not had great food, but it helped.
Mana is amazing, but Seth is hotter.
I definitely would be staff every year after this
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