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Bruce Heinsius
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I think the focal length you used was ideal for composing the hanging bridge into the rule of thirds. The platform on the right takes my attention away from the bridge. Taking the photo from a perspective that would have eliminated the platform on the right would make for a cleaner composition

Your re-cropping out some of the water was a big improvement. It created a vertical use of the rule of thirds, which was lacking before. There was no need to show that much water in the foreground, since the look of the water did not change much as it got towards the bottom. The sky, however, shows a nice gradation of warm color that becomes more cool as it gets toward the top of the frame.

The time of day you chose to take this photo was well chosen for soft, colorful light, with almost a silhouette effect.

I might recommend to play up the color saturation a bit in photoshop.

Congratulations on getting the horizon line level. That is usually a very good thing.

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