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Hey all!

I was Super Sailor Moon this year with a Link and Female Tuxedo Mask. I roamed around the dealers hall, and was at the Sailor Moon photoshoot. :3
I was the one with the BLUE collar and brass tiara, pink brooch. Wore this on Saturday.

I was also:
Chibiusa aka Small Lady Serenity on Friday in the pink/white dress. No Helios. :3

Also looking for more photos of my boyfriend who was Link. He didn't have a sword with him. Wore white jeans, black boots, a black belt. He was with me as Moon. :3

I would love pics! <3 Message me if you have any!

Also, Thursday and Saturday evening I was Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Purple wig, plus symbol hair pieces, a hoodie dress and knee high socks.
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