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#1 I really like this first shot, in how you captured so many vibrant colors; her warm skin-tones, her green eyes, the blue hat and hair, and the red color reflected on the hand-cuffs. Shooting through the hand-cuffs creates a very nice frame within a frame.

#2 This shot has a similar idea, but lacks the composition, lighting, and pleasing contrast. The face is too blown out in some areas. The hand-cuffs are almost too blurry to identify. Compositionally, the tightness of the framing conceals the shape of her hair, making it seem like it could go on forever, giving the face an unflattering wide look. There is also a over-head ceiling light coming in on her left cheek that causes a shadow effect on her eye. I see something that looks like bubbles on her bottom row of teeth...

#3 I have a personal like for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The color is nice, as is the pose. I like the multiple images of the hands and the Morpher, giving the effect of movement, but I think seeing one head might work better. There is a lot of grainy noise in the green background. Part of the background detail bleeds through the Red Ranger, making him seem transparent, like a ghost.

#4 This double image does have a more interesting effect overall. It seems like two Red Rangers are fighting each other. I am not sure if the transparent look was deliberate or just something hard to control. If you prefer them to look solid, I recommend using the Clone Tool to conceal the details of the background seen on the costume. Also, be careful when part of their body is against a very bright area. This caused pert of the right Red Ranger to lose part of his back. The limp wrist on the left Red Ranger looks a bit out of character for a martial artist of Karate.

#5 This final double image at first looked like a mess, but with closer observation made more sense to me. I do like the face with a smaller face in front of it. The nearly closed eyes give it an eerie look. One problem that lingers is the white area under her nose, looks like a paper napkin stuffed up her nose. A blurring of the background would also keep my eyes on the faces.

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