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Help for a Steampunk newbie?

Alright, so a bunch of my friends have been posting a lot of their steampunk creations on facebook and it's gotten me kind of interested in it. The only thing I know about it, however, is that the clothing is based a lot in the Victorian/Edwardian era and that goggles seem to be a really popular accessory.

Oh, and also gears.

I've been throwing some ideas around in my head for a bit for a costume. I don't have anything solid yet and so have been looking around for tutorials on corsets and hats and jewelry making and have found a few things that have caught my interest.

One of the things I found for corsets is this:

I like this because I'm not particularly fond of making corsets, so I like the idea of being able to buy something modern looking and then customizing it to look how I want it to. My only concern is that I don't know how "steampunk" this is. If it's acceptable, then great, if not, then is there a way you would suggest for me to make it acceptable?

Also, are there any other tips you can give me? Techniques, things I should look for, do this- not that, good sources of reference (like movies) type stuff? Anything at all would help since I'm so new to this. I'm a blank slate, feel free to write on me!
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