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They ignored my multiple emails for 2 months asking for a status update on my order just to see how much longer it would take because they said it would only be another 2 weeks. I figured I ordered it in plenty of time for convention season, but I guess they need more than 6 months. They had good communication for the first few months, and then it stopped until just yesterday.
They did just give me my refund, of course paypal took away $5. Thank you Cosplay House for false advertising and holding my $155 for me for 6 months.

I just wish they would have let me know that 3-5 weeks doesn't actually mean 3-5 weeks. Who knows how long it would actually take? They tell me one month, I wait. Then after 3 months, they say 2 more weeks, I wait. 2 months after that with no communication, I say refund. Cosplay House varies according to their priorities, I suppose? Maybe it's a hit or miss kind of thing.
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