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Doing STARISH!Otoya and bringing my friend as STARISH!Syo for FanimeCon'12. <333333
Prettty much done, but wanna add some more sparkles/shinies/laces/spiffy stuff to make it fancier. XP I adore my wig, ohohoho.

Some advice I wanted - Double layered false lashes, yes/no?
FanimeCon'13 / AX'13

Kagamine Len (Punkish) - 90%
Kagamine Len (Prince) - 10%
Kagamine Len (Alice Human Sacrifice Revamp) - 60%
Alois Trancy (Gothic Revamp) - 40%
Rainbow Dash (Genderbent) - 75%
Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin) - 100%
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