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I recently purchased my first-ever cosplay from this company, and I have to say that I personally disagree with the rest of the reviews on this page so far...

I ordered a costume for Kallen Kouzuki from Code Geass, as well as a wig for the same character. I placed the order on March 5, and I was expecting it to arrive in late March, as the website information said to expect a commission to take about 7-14 days to complete. Then March came and went, and I still had nothing.

That was when I went to send them an email asking about the status of my order. Only there, on the contact page, did I find a clue about why my order was taking so long. The reason? A festival in China that lasts from 2/4 until 4/4. For two months, the company wouldn't even be answering their emails from customers! Nowhere else on the site did they tell you this, though you would think it would be front-page news. "Oh, by the way, we won't even start making your costume until the beginning of April, so if your con is in March, well... Sucks to be you!"

Then things got a little better. I sent them an email on April 5 (when I knew they'd be answering them again) and they did get back to me in a very timely fashion. (I got the email from them on the 9th, which gave them one day to catch up and then the weekend off, something else they don't tell you outright.) I was assured that my order would be completed and delivered by April 26th, the day I leave for my convention. In less than a week, I went from wanting to tear my hair out to actually having my costume.

My costume arrived today (It was shipped on Wednesday, and having it on Friday from Shanghai is impressive, I'll give them that!) and it arrived via UPS, even though I'd paid for a cheaper shipping service, which shows they didn't want me angry. Took it out of the bag, and it looks beautiful! A bit cumbersome and awkward, but as it IS a cosplay, I'm going to let it slide. It could be much worse!

Then I try the whole thing on, and BOOM! A zipper breaks! I didn't even get to put the top on before the zipper broke off! Yes, it's a cheap fix, but its one I shouldn't have had to make. Along with this, the wig I ordered looks very different from the one in the photos on the website. The coloring is different (though not drastically so) and the longer sections in the front are VERY long (well past my shoulders, though the wig shown on the site looks to be between chin-and shoulder-length.) The sleevelets and leg wraps are also very tight (the arms more so than the legs.) I do have muscle tone in my limbs, but the elastic in the sleevelets nearly cuts off my circulation. So add a roll of new elastic to my post-commission bill at the fabric store.

So my final thoughts: This place does have better prices than most other sites I researched, but in terms of workmanship, I'm finding that I'm getting what I paid for. It would have been cheaper to buy a more expensive costume that was done correctly than to fix the mistakes on the one I bought from HelloCosplay. I try not to write bad reviews whenever possible, but this one needed it.
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