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Wow, that concept is really cool actually!

Seconding the don't glue random gears xD; The problem with alot of the "popular" Steampunk outfit are they're a little random and awkward. Not everyone is going to even have a use for goggles, or at least not the standard tinted goggles. For example, my persona is an artisan. I'm planning on making goggles for her soon and I stopped and realized... she actually really needs clear lenses, not colored or tinted. Since she's an artist, she needs to see colors and shades as they are, not filtered I know it'll look totally "weird", that every Steampunk goggles every have tinted goggles but.. they just wouldn't make sense for her.

As for gears (a post I made earlier on):
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Don't get me wrong: Gears look really cool. But if you think about it, back in the day (or the day that should have been ), most people didn't have the luxury to put gears on random things. Gears were the heart, the insides, of alot of things. They're one of the main things that made things work. Technically, if someone needed a gear, they would have to take apart something working or broken, or find it. And I'm sure loose ones weren't easy to come by because EVERYONE was using them. xD And even if it was broken would you really take apart your cool clockwork hair machine, or someone's precious gadget to decorate something, instead of using those gears to fix it? Usually not
But hey, those are just my thoughts on it o.o
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