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My odd GLaDOS!

So, I've been on a huge Portal kick. Like, huge. Anyway, I decided to doodle up my own humanoid GLaDOS because I can. Everything in my brain gets mixed around with weird neo-futurist and historic stuff, so she came out Edwardian, and since I'm addicted to all things late Victorian/early Edwardian, I'm itching to make her. Is my brain going into "wtf were you thinking?!" or might I be on to something? Here's the doodle 2_n.jpg

I'd like feedback...less on the art (it was a silly doodle) and more on the concept. In case it isn't clear I've got the personality cores on the hat as well as the eye piece thingy, loads of wires, and a parasol with the Aperture logo on it (which I drew horribly). I'd really love any suggests or constructive feedback...

...or cake
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