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oh noes

this makes me very anxious/upset right now. I ordered 3 costumes from this site in Feb. While one did show up and I have no big issues with it, the other 2 still haven't come. Now that I see people have had problems getting things from them at ALL, I'm getting super nervous. I told them all costumes are due by apr 16th, which is monday...and they havent responded on those at all. It's been 8 weeks now, 3 more weeks than promised. I called, no answer, voice mail full. I must not be the only one in panic mode. I emailed 3 days answer yet, and now its the weekend -__- I hate when I forget to read reviews BEFORE spending the money! I'm going to stalk their phone lines daily because con is approaching fast. I don't wanna learn this lesson the hard way!!! lol I JUST WANT MY COSTUMES
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