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Hey guys. I have a quick question. I live in the um...Houston area of Texas. If any of you know where Anime Matsuri is, I live really close to there. My town is basically known for the Texas Renaissance Festival as well. The thing is, I really need to find someone that cosplays Luxord or is planning to cosplay him (from the Kingdom Hearts series). Preferably, someone that is within driving distance of Spring (where AM is). My group and I are going to shoot a music video in June with the Organization members and currently the only member we are missing is Luxord, so I would really enjoy your help!

All you would need for Luxord is $21 (for a t-shirt that I designed myself, but can't currently afford to buy t-shirts for everyone), some CDs, a pack of playing cards, and his head (so blond hair, earrings, facial hair). The coat nor his actual weapon are necessary for this video.

Thank you!

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