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I was Knives Chau (movie version) on Saturday :3

Originally Posted by tekparasite View Post
I was Guy Manuel De Homem Christo from Daft Punk
Were you in the cosplay contest?

Originally Posted by ZiSquared View Post
Saturday Afternoon/Evening: Malon from OoT, I was also in the cosplay contest (my first one!), so let me know if you got video as well! Thanks everyone!!
I think I have a photo of you:

Originally Posted by Mrs_Matsumoto View Post
Hi! I was the Catherine from the Catherine group on Saturday. I would really appreciate it if you could link me to some photos of us if you happen to stumble across some.
Here you go!

Originally Posted by tifaia View Post
Costumes: Lady Eboshi (Princess Mononoke), Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon), and NiGHTS (NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams).

I was the only person in these costumes all weekend, so if you see's me. lol I'll link photos as soon as I can. Thanks for the wonderful time AM!
Were you in the cosplay contest?

Originally Posted by Hee-Hee View Post
Loved Matsuri this year! Friday I was Officer Jenny from Pokemon, Saturday I was the Red Queen (Queen of Hearts) from Alice: Madness Returns, and Sunday I was one of the Twin Lost Boys in the Peter Pan group! I'd love to see any pictures!! :3
I wish I took better photos of you! I only have photos from the skit:

Originally Posted by FyreGothChylde View Post
On Friday, I was Kazama from Hakuoki and Saturday the steam dress Alice that was in the contest. Any pics would be appreciated! X333!
Is this you?

Originally Posted by Kikala View Post
Looking for pictures of:
Friday - This Pinky!
Saturday Morning - Same Pinky with Rainbow Dash and Soarin!
Saturday Night: Elly from Xenogears with a Fei and Citan
Sunday: Peter Pan with the Lost Boys and Tiger Lily
A photo from the contest:
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